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Are you ready to plunge into yoga?

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

"I'm not flexible...", "I can't do handstands...", and "I've hurt myself in yoga before-no, thank you!...", are all things I've heard before when encouraging others to join me in a yoga practice.

All the health benefits have been top news for a while and meditation apps are on almost everyone's phone now. It is a common feeling to be motivated to try it out, only to turn up to a large, cavernous studio and have no idea where to get your blocks from-or even what they're supposed to be for!

Don't slink away and think yoga is just not for you. Come and try a new yoga experience!

At Beach Yoga & Wellness, we approach yoga with a blend of theory, sound practice and a background in physical health science-guiding us to create classes and individual programs that meet your mind and body needs.

Health and wellbeing isn't exclusive and definitely yoga is not just for those that can make yoga tights look like they are supremely fashionable. Yoga, "yuj"-to unite-it's the main reason we come to the mat; to gain community and a sense of self as both an individual and part of the dynamic, living collective.

I look forward to greeting you on the mat.

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